Monday, March 11, 2013

Mappy Monday: Census Dotmap

Hey, hey, it's Monday!!!

Check out this creative map by Brandon Martin-Anderson.  He wrote a python script to symbolize the census data by creating one dot for each person in the census tract.

This first image is a zoomed out looking at the United States as a whole.  It is really interesting to see the density of  population along the East Coast. In the Midwest, the population begins to congregate into lines and nodes following transportation networks (railroads and highways).  The West is sparse and then the population is more concentrated along the West Coast.

Below is an example of what cities looks like when you zoom in.  This is Ames, Iowa with the labels toggled on.  The darker areas near the center of the picture show dorms and apartment buildings surrounded by less dense neighborhoods.

Follow this link to go to Brandon's website! Happy Monday!!!

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