Thursday, May 23, 2013

High Resolution Land Cover!

Looking for an Iowa landcover layer to improve your analysis?  How about a one meter resolution landcover layer with 15 unique classes?   The Iowa DNR is currently developing a statewide high resolution landcover layer that is partially available for download on the the Iowa DNR GIS Library.  Below is a sample image of the data.
The layer identifies corn, soybeans, grass, coniferous forests, structures, and other identifiable landcover. About half the state is complete and available for download.  All counties colored yellow in the below map are completed and available.  In the DNR GIS Library navigate to the county folder of interest and download the file beginning with "HRLC_2009".  The legend will give you a general idea if your portion of the state is close to complete. 

If you have any need for a landcover information, download a county and test it out.  It might prove pretty useful! 

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