Friday, June 22, 2012

First Batch of Geocoding Project Points!

This week the Iowa DNR released the first batch of address and structure point GIS layers developed through the Iowa Geocoding Project. For 50 out of 99 counties, the statewide project has finished creating a point for every structure and an address point at driveway/road intersections corresponding to every structure with an address.

Using local address data, aerial photos, a thorough QA/QC process, and an address validation process, the points provide the best statewide addressing and structure data available.  Building off of the local data was key, and the project could not be successful without county assistance.

The status of each county can be viewed in the above map.  Most of the western Iowa counties and parts of northeast Iowa are complete (dark green counties).

All complete datasets are available for download in the respective county folder from the Iowa DNR GIS Library.

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