Current Projects

Expanding the GIS Inventory System in Iowa
In 2012, the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) awarded a grant to the Iowa Geographic Information Council in partnership with the Iowa GIS Service Bureau to review and update user profiles and data currently on as well as increase the participation in inventory. is a tool for states and their partners to track availability and status of GIS data at state and local government levels. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Amy Logan.

Business Plan for Statewide GIS 
With assistance from members of the Iowa geospatial community, the Iowa GIS Service Bureau is in the early stages of preparing a business plan for GIS in Iowa.  With funding from a Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) grant the Service Bureau will organize meetings, facilitate discussions, and formulate outcomes into a detailed, step by step plan.  With a focus on statewide parcels, addresses, and aerial photos, the business plan will define our goals,  identify the hurdles we will likely face, and layout a plan to overcome any barriers.  If you are interested in creating a better Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure and participating in formulating the business plan, please contact Amy Logan or Evan Koester.

Iowa Geocoding Project
The goal of the Iowa Geocoding Project (IGP) was to create new E911 address and structure points for every building in the state. The geocoding effort began in 2009. All 99 counties in the state were contacted and inventoried for data needed to make the address and structure points including roads, E911 points, parcels and boundaries.  As of December 2011, 50 counties have been completed. The point data for the 50 finished counties and a GIS geocoding service will available Spring of 2012.

Past Projects 

State Agency Needs Inventory
The Iowa GIS Service Bureau undertook a project to summarize how state agencies currently use GIS, what types of data they produce or maintain, and the level of proficiency within each agency.  The end goal was to identify valuable human and data resources and begin connecting the dots of the GIS community within state government.  The results were very promising and are summarized in the State Agency GIS Needs and Usage document.

Don't Duck Metadata!
Iowa Metadata Outreach Project 
The Iowa Metadata Outreach Project (IMOP) provides organizations within the state of Iowa with metadata training, assistance, and management support.  The expected outcome of IMOP is to establish within other state and local agencies a sustained culture of metadata knowledge and useage, the ability to inventory and document data at an institutional level, and to encourage and facilitate data sharing and full participation in the Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure, which is a group of layers that have been identified as critical to the state. Click here to read more about the project.




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