Monday, April 22, 2013

Time to check in - How are you doing on the metadata resolution?

We are almost one third of the way through 2013.  How are doing on your metadata resolution?

What were your goals for the year?

Mine were:

On the first goal, I am doing okay...I've done about 50 records so far this year. Each record requires some tweaking - adding titles and links. My goal for this next third of the year is to do 10 records each week for the next ten weeks and then re-evaluate.  I might also try to get some help on this task.  If you are interested let me know...I would like to have a fun event with pizza.....and metadata!

On my second goal, the blog posts haven't been keeping up with our progress.  But the great thing is we are only one third of the way through the year so I can do better.  Some good metadata topics that will be coming your way include a review of the new USGS Metadata Wizard Tool, discussion of EME 2.0 release (EPA Metadata Editor), as well as some news stories about metadata progress in Iowa, perhaps a metadata joke or two, and tricks and tips for writing metadata using different tools.

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