Friday, February 3, 2012

Successful GIS Steering Committee Meeting!

Yesterday the GIS Steering Committee for State Government met to discuss the current status of GIS projects within different state agencies and how we best continue to progress as a whole at the state level.

Discussion of current projects identified common interests multiple agencies could cooperate on:
  • Iowa Economic Development Authority, Department of Education, and Department of Workforce Development identified the importance of data exchange between agencies.
  • The Department of Revenue and Legislative Services both expressed heavy interest in tax districts for the state.
  • Development of the Iowa Geoportal in conjunction with future metadata training spurred conversation and ideas for new data and services to be made available to GIS users.
This group is continuing the push for a more functioning GIS community at the state level. As the next step, they will approve a list of important data layers for development assistance from the Iowa GIS Service Bureau.

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