Monday, May 6, 2013

Helpful Materials for Making Metadata in ArcMap

Have you had issues transferring metadata from ArcMap 9.X to 10? The Central Florida GIS Workshop has some useful tutorials and discussion for creating metadata in ArcMap 10x. They discuss how to create metadata from scratch as well as how to edit previous versions of metadata from ArcMap 9.3, etc.
I think these tutorials will be especially helpful for those people that tell to me that they can no longer see any of their metadata since they upgrade to ArcMap 10x.  These tutorials will help you see the metadata again (it's a matter of turning on the right settings) and learn how to edit that metadata further. They also provide details on how to create metadata from scratch using ArcMap 10 as well as information about the EPA Metadata Editor.   Follow this link to view the training materials.

And as always...don't duck the metadata!

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